Learner Loop modifications - March 2017 Update

over 3 years ago

We have consulted with a variety of users including bike groups and local residents. We have had a range of feedback and have re-evaluated the plans based on these comments. Changes include an asphalt children’s bike track near the playground and some upgrades of the existing track to include more variety and some hardening of surfaces with the application of a dust suppressant.

A number of residents commented on the need to repair the road and install kerb and guttering. All Council works within the road reserve are selected in accordance with Councils risk rating procedures governed by advice provided by Councils insurer and undertaken within the limits of funding and resources. The request for new kerb and gutter rates as a low risk and therefore works will not be scheduled at this point in time. There is also a clear direction from the State Government for Councils to focus on maintaining existing road assets rather than upgrading or constructing new infrastructure.

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Feedback on the Blair Reserve Bike Track is now closed. Stay tuned for updates.