How was the draft Strategy developed?

    The Strategy has been developed in consultation with the Port Macquarie-Hastings Economic Development Steering Group which is an interactive group of business and industry leaders that provides a forum for developing the strategic economic development direction for the Local Government Area. Feedback from the broader business sector and community during the exhibition period is essential in further developing the Strategy.

    Who will implement the Strategy?

    Implementation of the Strategy is a joint responsibility between Council and key business/industry stakeholders. Within Council, the Strategy actions guide work across the organisation.

    What is the most important part of the Strategy?

    Go to Section 5 (2017-2021 Strategic Pathway). Here you will find the Economic Development Outcomes, Strategic Objectives and Actions which is the heart of the Strategy.

    How will the success of the Strategy be measured?

    Section 7 of the Strategy looks at how outcomes can be measured and identifies General Economic Indicators (those that are difficult to directly influence) and Key Performance Measures which will be used to review the success of action taken under the Strategy.