What are the 12 issues identified?

over 4 years ago

This is a snapshot of the issues identified in Appendix A.

Issue 1: Clause 1.2 Aims of Plan - addition of aim relating to connectivity within and between subdivisions

Issue 2: Land Use Table - Zones RU2 & RU3 - permit Agriculture and Extractive industries

Issue 3: Land Use Table - several zones - require consent for Home-based child care (where not allowed as ‘exempt development’ due to bush fire risk)

Issue 4: [deferred]

Issue 5: Clause 5.3 Development near zone boundaries - rephrase the distances the clause applies to

Issue 6: Clause 5.9 Preservation of trees or vegetation - enable provisions relating to Zones R5, E2, E3 & E4

Issue 7: 27 John Fraser Place, Port Macquarie (current pound site) - allow Landcare depot

Issue 8: Environmental heritage - correct property details and mapping relating to 3 heritage items in Hastings Street, Wauchope

Issue 9: 296 Logans Crossing Road, Logans Crossing - apply Zone R5 Large Lot Residential over flood-free portion of property

Issue 10: Part 129 Nancy Bird Walton Drive, Kew (site of former restaurant) - rezone to Zone B4 Mixed Use

Issue 11: Diamond Drive, Port Macquarie - amend maps to correct split zonings etc applying to new lots

Issue 12: 3-7 Lake Street, Laurieton - apply Zone B4 Mixed Use

Issue 13: Westport Park, Port Macquarie - increase height limit to simplify procedures for approvals for temporary structures

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