Call for Community Panel members for Biodiversity Strategy

over 4 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (PMHC) is about to commence the preparation of a Biodiversity Strategy for the Local Government Area (LGA). The Biodiversity Strategy will seek to provide the following outcomes:

  • Inform development assessment and assist with ‘biodiversity offsetting’ for urban development.
  • Help landholders wishing to maintain or improve natural assets on their land.
  • Provide Council with information to assist with future landuse strategies and major infrastructure works.

An important part of this process will be the establishment of a Community Panel involving key stakeholders to ensure:

  • The community understand what the Biodiversity Strategy is and its objectives;
  • That the community have the opportunity to comment on the project methods and outcomes and the relevance of this to strategic planning across the LGA.

Members of the Community Panel will be expected to abide by the Terms of Reference for this group (see attached).

Please reply before the 24th July.

Approximately 12 representatives from various sectors of the community will be selected to form the panel. It is intended that the Community Panel will represent a diverse but balanced range of interests. If stakeholders are not interested in attending the workshops, or are not selected to participate in the Community Panel, they can still follow the discussion and comment via an online discussion forum.

Members of the Community Panel will be asked to attend a series of approximately 5 themed workshops.Workshops will be held approximately monthly, with the first workshop anticipated to be held on the 5th or 6th August. Workshops will include:

  1. An Introduction to the Biodiversity Strategy;
  2. Biodiversity Assets and Threats in the LGA;
  3. Biodiversity hotspots in the LGA;
  4. Biodiversity corridors in the LGA;
  5. Relevance ofthe Biodiversity Strategy to Strategic Planning.

Consultation on the initial stages of this project has concluded. Make sure you are registered so that we can let you know about any future opportunities to have your say.