February update

over 3 years ago

We have received some valuable feedback from the community regarding the Blair Reserve bike track upgrade with a number of the common themes listed below.

An early design has been created by a specialist bike track company and incorporates a number of changes based on feedback from the community;

- Sealing the Learner bike loop with asphalt to remove dust issue and locate it within the existing playground area to reduce the visual impact on the reserve

(proposed length and design similar to the Learner loop located at Bellangry Park on Lake Road)

- Reduction of Skills Trail length and use of soil stabiliser to minimise dust

- Use of soil stabiliser on the existing bike track to reduce dust

The upgrade is an opportunity to extend the play value of the existing playground, improve usability of the existing bike track and offer an opportunity for primary and secondary aged children to be able to learn to bike ride in a safe environment.

Have a look at the latest Concept Plan "Revised Plan 2017 Blair Reserve" (see the document library on your right).

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Feedback on the Blair Reserve Bike Track is now closed. Stay tuned for updates.