Have other NSW Councils reduced their numbers?

    Between 1995 and 2004, 31 referendums were held councils including PMHC to reduce Councillor numbers. Twenty five of the 31 referendums were successful, resulting in an overall reduction of 54 councillors. In 2006 there was a resolution to allow Councils to apply directly to the Local Government Minister to reduce the number of councillors following consultation with their local communities, but without having to conduct a constitutional referendum. 21 councils applied to the Minister and all were approved. The total reduction in councillors across NSW was 47.

    What are some of the reasons for reducing the number of Councillors?

    With less Councillors business can be transacted more speedily. Quality of representation is more important than the number of Councillors. There would be administrative savings to Council Councillor fees and allowances.

    What are some of the reasons for maintaining the number of Councillors at nine?

    The workload of Councillors is distributed among a greater number of people. With less Councillors the smaller population centres may be under represented. It would reduce the number of Councillors available for community and Council Sub-Committee meetings. There will be fewer view points expressed at a Council meeting.