23 March 2015

Public exhibition opens

The 2015 - 2016 Integrated Planning document suite, including the Operational Plan, Fees and Charges, Revenue Policy and Rating Maps are placed on public exhibition.
20 April 2015

Community Reference Group Workshop

An opportunity for members of the Community Reference Group to speak to Council staff, seek more information and make a submission.
01 May 2015

Public Exhibition Closes

Submissions on the draft documents must be received by close of business.
18 May 2015

Submission compilation circulated to Councillors prior to review workshop

04 June 2015

Submission authors acknowledged

Authors of submissions will be sent an email or letter acknowledging receipt and confirming presentation of the final document suite to Council, including links to the business papers that will summarise all submissions and associated recommendations.
17 June 2015

Final documents to Council

The document suite along with the compilation of submissions and community engagement are presented to Council.
03 July 2015

Submission authors notified

All submission authors will be sent an email or letter advising the outcome of their particular submission in context of the adopted Integrated Planning document suite.