When will Stage 2 commence?

    Stage 2 will commence on Friday 5 February 2016, weather permitting.  Stage 1 closures (from Gordon St traffic lights through to the Park St roundabout) will reopen on the same day.  All road and detours will be clearly signposted.

    Will I be able to use this section of Hastings River Drive?

    Hastings River Drive from the Park St roundabout through to Aston St will be closed, although access for residents and local businesses will be maintained.  The Park St roundabout will be open to traffic coming from Oxley Highway / Gordon St / Ocean Dr but only to turn right onto Park St.  Traffic will not be able to go straight on heading west.   

    Will there be any other road closures?

    The intersection of Hastings River Drive and Findlay Avenue will be closed.  However, you will be able to access Findlay Avenue via the Oxley Highway.  Aston St will remain open.  A temporary roundabout / U turn will be installed so that vehicles that are going to the CBD who missed the Widderson St detour will be able to turn around and go back, rather than having to go right around to Settlement City

    What about the school buses that use Findlay Avenue?

    Council have been working closely with Busways throughout this project.  Buses will still be able to use Findlay Avenue but they will have to use a turn around bay so that they both enter and exit from the Oxley Highway.  Busways will make the necessary adjustments to their timetables and will update their website.  Busways will also be closely consulting with schools to ensure everyone is kept informed.  

    How can I get to Settlement City?

    Detours will be in place via Bellbowrie St or Newport Island Road.  

    How do I get to Garden Village?

    Residents and visitors will be able to access Garden Village in the normal way, however it may be via a gravel surface during some of the construction phase. Garden Village can be easily accessed from Findlay Avenue and people may find this easier during the construction period. 

    How do I access the Port Macquarie Medical & Dental Centre?

    The medical centre can be accessed from Park St.  Vehicles will exit from Hastings River Drive. 

    How do I get to the CBD?

    Detours will be in place via Clifton Drive and Widderson St up to the Oxley Highway. 

    Is anything happening with the pedestrian crossing at the intersection with Aston St?

    This intersection is not park of this project.  Council do have plans to install traffic lights to replace the existing pedestrian crossing, but at this stage no funding has been allocated to the project and therefore there is no time frame.

    Where will I be able to park my car when I am watching the kids play soccer at Findlay Park?

    You will be able to park in Findlay Avenue as normal however there will be no parking on Hastings River Drive either during the construction period or when the work is completed.  

    The area where people used to park will be used for the footpath, bike lane and underground power lines. 

    Are there any further works planned for Hastings River Drive?

    Stage 2 will conclude this project on Hastings River Drive.  There are concept plans for the upgrade of Hastings River Drive from Hughes Place (where Aldi is) to Boundary St, but no funding has been allocated to this project and therefore there is no time frame.