Why is Council undertaking the Lake Cathie Coastline Management Study?

    The coastline adjacent to the village of Lake Cathie is currently subject to costal erosion. To address this problem, the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (PMHC) and the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) are taking a proactive role by preparing a Coastline Management Plan for Lake Cathie. The preparation of a Coastline Management Plan is a multi step process involving; 1. Coastal Process / Hazard Definition Study (completed in 2008) - This defines the coastal processes and hazards •Processes – eg. waves, storms, water levels, currents, sediment transport, dunes, entrances, climate change •Hazards – eg. erosion, recession, entrance hazard, sand drift, inundation, slope stability, stormwater, climate change 2. Coastline Management Study (current) - This identifies and assesses management options eg. costs, social issues, land tenure, planning controls, environmental features, dune vegetation system, access, recreational values, visual features, sensitivity to climate change etc 3. Coastline Management Plan (future) - This is the next step and describes how the coastline will be managed. The Plan will outline implementation actions, timing and cost estimates.

    What are the costs for the implementation of various options under the Lake Cathie Coastline Management Study?

    Costs range from approximately $1.6m to $21.5m, refer to the Options document in the library for costs relative to each option.

    What is the role of the Coast & Estuary Committee

    Council’s coast & estuary committee (C&EC) was established to advise Council on the development of coast and estuary management plans. The establishment of such a committee is a NSW government requirement and Port Macquarie-Hastings Council has used such a committee since the early 1990's. The committee is made up of stakeholders that include community members, regulatory agencies and council staff. The C&EC is an advisory group that provides recommendations to council - it is not a decision making body. Recommendations from the committee meetings are made by consensus (ie. general agreement)not by formal voting.

    How and why were the rankings for the options determined in the Lake Cathie Coastline Management Study?

    Council’s Coast and Estuary Committee (C&EC) ranked the options using a triple bottom line approach (environmental, social and economic) Refer to page 15 of the Options document in the library for more information on this approach. The ranking by the C&EC was not intended to provide a recommendation on the most favourable option but to provide guidance on the most likely scenarios for the purpose of public exhibition. Following the public exhibition and consideration of submissions, Council will determine the preferred management option(s) for inclusion in the Management Plan.

    Will the stormwater outlets onto the beach be repaired?

    Yes. Upgrading of storm water outlets will be undertaken by Council, irrespective of which option is chosen. However, grant funding is dependant on the Management Plan process.