What is a PAMP ?

    PAMP is a Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan. It helps council prioritise where to build footpaths, crossings and kerb ramps.

    Which Towns will get a PAMP?

    Beechwood, Comboyne, Long Flat, Telegraph Point and North Shore are the five villages that are next to get a PAMP. Laurieton, Port Macquarie and Wauchope already have a Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan

    When will the footpath be built?

    This project is to create a series of maps which show the location of existing footpaths and what the high priority locations are for a new footpath, pedestrian crossing, pedestrian refuge or kerb ramps.

    The maps will be used by council to help decide what are the very highest priority areas needing new footpaths and pedestrian works across the whole Council area. Council allocates about $500,000 a year towards new and repairing footpaths, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian refuges and kerb ramps across the whole Local Government Area.

    The maps will also be ready if needed as part of the Council submission for any grant funding from State and Federal Government.

    Are people with disability included ?

    We use the term 'roll and stroll' which includes all pedestrians such as walking, using wheelchairs, wheelie walkers, mobility scooters, carers with prams etc. The plan aims to make the area more pedestrian friendly for people of all abilities.