Why are we doing this work?

    In 2013 the Town Centre Master Plan was revised and updated. This process identified a number of priorities, one of them being the Clarence and Murray Street intersection. The aim is to increased pedestrian activity in this section of the CBD.

    To encourage this activity a design has been developed to improve pedestrian safety through upgrading of footpaths, improving lighting and making a safer intersection at the corner of Clarence and Murray Street similar to the one at Clarence and Horton Streets.

    Whilst other work is being undertaken, we are also making the most of the opportunity to upgrade the storm water, water mains and sewer.


    When will the intersection be closed to traffic?

    The intersection will be completely closed to traffic from 15th September 2015. It is expected to be closed for approximately 8 - 10 weeks while Council works on the intersection. However, lanes will be opened up to traffic as work progresses. 

    How do I access businesses on the north side of Murray street?

    During the intersection closure, access to Murray Street businesses on the north side of Clarence street will be via Hay street and Sunset Parade. Please refer to the Traffic Control Plan map. 

    If you are entering the CBD from the Town Beach side, you will be diverted left onto Munster Street and right onto William street. You can access Clarence street from Horton and Short Streets. 

    The Port Macquarie Courthouse, Co Cafe, Port Pacific and Roma Restaurant can be accessed via Murray Street from William Street. 

    How do I access businesses in Clarence Street?

    Businesses in Clarence Street near the intersection closure are still open for business. 

    Limited parking is available between Hay Street and Murray Street as traffic controls are in place to divert traffic. It is recommended to park in Murray Street and access these businesses by foot, using the pedestrian access pathways set up. 

    Pedestrian access is the best way to access the businesses between Hay Street and Murray Street. 

    Parking is available on Clarence Street between Murray Street and Grant Street. 

    Please refer to the Traffic Control Plan for reference.  

    Why is Council removing some of the trees?

    A majority of the 'nose in' parking in Clarence Street (between Hay and Munster Streets) is being changed to centre and parallel parking.

    In order to to do this 3 Norfolk pine trees, 1 Cook Island pine, 1 boxbrush will need to be removed. These trees will be replaced with 4 young and established Norfolk pines and 1 boxbrush within the works area.

    A number of cocos palms will also be removed from the intersection of Clarence and Murray Streets.

    In the final stages of the project, new planting will happen at the intersection and along Clarence Street.

    Where is the money for the Port Macquarie CBD Master Plan coming from?

    Funding for improvements and upgrade works in the Port Macquarie CBD is primarily sourced from a special tax levied on the property owners of the CBD.

    The fund is called the Town Centre Reserve Fund and is administered by the Town Centre Master Plan sub-committee (TCMP). This sub-committee is made up of representatives from the community, CBD landholders, Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce, CBD traders and Council staff.