Where will the new bridge be located?

    The new bridge will be positioned alongside the existing bridge on a curved alignment. It is on the western side (upstream) of the existing bridge. (See bridge design plan)

    What work is happening now?

    Preliminary construction works for the new bridge have commenced with the building of advanced sewer and water mains to maintain supply to local residents during bridge construction.

    When will the bridge construction finish?

    It is expected that the new bridge will be completed and open to traffic by mid the end of  2016. The old bridge will remain open during construction of the new bridge.

    What will happen to the old bridge?

    The old bridge will be demolished after the construction of the new bridge.

    Will the road be closed at any stage?

    Bridge Street and River Street in North Haven will be closed temporarily as required to allow for construction of the new pedestrian footpath. The existing boat ramp will also be closed during construction to allow for the machinery to be stored in the boat ramp car park. Access to River Street via the entrance near the existing bridge is for local resident traffic only.

    Traffic flow will be maintained while the new bridge is being built. There may be some traffic restrictions and short term road closures at various times throughout construction and during the transition of the road to the new bridge.

    How much noise will there be?

    The successful construction tenderer is required as part of the contract, to prepare a plan  which includes monitoring noise. It is expected that there will be the typical noise with construction and some activities such as bridge piling will be unavoidably noisy.

    What will the new bridge look like?

    The new bridge will be a 190m long two-way single carriageway crossing consisting of a 7 span reinforced concrete structure. It will include a shared footpath/cycleway on the southern side of the bridge, a pedestrian footpath on the northern side of the bridge and a shared footpath/cycleway underpass at the North Haven end of the bridge. The existing pedestrian refuges located on the eastern and western side of the bridge are to be reinstated in their current location.

    Will the new bridge still have the 18 tonne limit?

    The 18 tonne load limit was put in place in 2004 to prolong the life of the existing bridge.

    The new bridge has been designed to carry normally laden vehicles that are currently permitted to operate on local, regional or State Highways in the area. As such the 18 tonne load limit will no longer be required.