Does Council own the land Timbertown is located on?

    Council owns the entire 87 acre site where Timbertown is located.

    Is Timbertown heritage listed?

    Timbertown is a theme park dedicated to the heritage of the timber industry, however the park itself is not heritage listed as it has only been in existence since 1976.

    What role would service clubs and community groups have in Timbertown into the future?

    Currently community groups play a substantial role at Timbertown, in that many groups have sheds on site that they work from etc. The role that community groups and perhaps service clubs play into the future will largely be determined by the feedback obtained from the community, but also by the operating model for Timbertown that is determined to be the most sustainable into the future. This question cannot really be answered until such time as the current Timbertown review is complete and options are developed.

    Can the works at Timbertown be staged over a number of years?

    The staging of works may be one option that comes out of the current round of community consultation, however there are still some compliance issues with various buildings and other OHS issues that need to be addressed immediately and this may dictate whether the work can be staged or not.

    Why can't Timbertown continue the way it is?

    The reality is that Timbertown has had no major capital injection for many years and this has largely led to the position the park now finds itself in today. Council has a duty of care to all staff, volunteers and visitors and must take every step to ensure all our buildings and utilities etc are compliant with 2009 standards. In light of this, Timbertown cannot continue in its current state and needs an injection of funds to achieve compliance etc.

    How did Council come up with the $15 million amount?

    Council has done a series of estimations for all the work required at Timbertown that are based on mnay reports done by Council and independent advisors. There is an estimated $7.75 million required to get the park to a compliant standard, based on recent costs. There is an additional estimated figure of $7 million required on top of the above-mentioned $7.75 million to enhance the park and to add new attractions and customer experiences. The items that go to make up this $7 million came from community consultation that took place in February 2009. Further detailed on these estimations are availabily in the document library.

    Why is the steam train no longer running at Timbertown?

    For the past decade, the train has been run for Council by a Contractor. In April 2009, the Contractor gave Council notice that they were ceasing operations for a variety of reasons, hence the reason the train is currently only a static display. Because the train is run in NSW, it must comply with standards set down by the Independent Transport Safety & Reliability Regulator (ITSRR). The Rail Safety Act of 2008 and related Regulations force the Timbertown train to have to comply with the same standards a Sydney suburban train or the XPT would have to comply with. The accreditation that is given by ITSRR is not given to one individual, it is given to a company or organisation and it is not transferable from one body to the other. Council had no options in being able to take-over the accreditation from the previous Contractor as it is not allowed according to the Regulations and ITSRR. For Council to be able to run the train again, Council would need to apply for formal accreditation with ITSRR, which is a very costly and time consuming process. Council could not buy or have transferred accreditation for the train as it is simply not allowed in NSW.

    Is the Timbertown land owned by Council without any restrictions?

    Council owns the entire 87 acre site where Timbertown is located without any restrictions on the sale of the land. The Certificate of Title for Timbertown does not include any caveat that restricts the sale of the land.

    If Timbertown is to close, what will happen with all the equipment and items donated over the years?

    If a decision is made to close Timbertown, then every effort will be made to provide for the return of equipment and items to original owners, subject to proof of ownership being provided to Council.

    Where does the income from the Timbertown gate fee go?

    The income from the gate fee is used to assist in running the operation of Timbertown.