What is the objective of the proposed plan?

    1. To retain and replenish the dominant stand of Eucalypts along this ridgeline for the multiple purpose of maintaining fauna habitat (including koalas), retaining a strong, natural visual element from surrounding suburbs and providing some screening to surrounding residences.

    2. To protect the longevity of the existing Eucalypts that are showing signs of decline.

    3. To introduce a more manageable and easily maintained Public Reserve for the long term. This will include drought tolerant native grasses, mulched beds, garden edging, rock walls to reduce bank erosion, grass areas adjoining residences to be retained

    4. To make a more useable and accessible space that can be enjoyed by the whole community. This will include stair access, pathway linkage to surrounding streets, viewing seats, areas of maintained open grass for more active play.

    5. Maintain the sense of ownership by adjoining residents who have taken a proactive role in maintaining the Reserve to date. Make them more aware of the means and methods of caring for their environment in a more ecologically sustainable and sensitive way.

    6. Improve and beautify the streetscape character of Yaluma Drive by creating a more defined and neater road edge with the used of gravel drainage swale and rock walls, introducing broad bands of ornamental grasses of various textures, highlighting pedestrian pathway areas

    7. To eliminate private vehicles driving on the Reserve which is contributing to the compaction of the Eucalypt's root zones and contributing to the decline of their health

    What works are being proposed?

    A 1.2m wide footpath is proposed through Yaluma Drive Reserve with other minor park improvements that include landscaping, more defined rock walls, stair access, viewing seats, pathway linkages and a more accessible space for active play.